Work Orginization

The MPLR consists of a core defining the strategic line and three tactical segments each with their own chain of command, adapted structuring to implement the principles defined by the core. The irresponsibility of the media that glorify the clandestine […]

Reasons For Illegal Immigration

The reasons for illegal immigration: why do they leave their country? Formerly, young people, whether Chadians, Malians, Nigerians or Cameroonians migrated to countries of West Africa, East, South or simply in the CEMAC Zone. Because these countries know the problems of […]

Challenge for the Integration of Migrants

After a period of respite for Europe to welcome new refugees, the country is preparing to meet very important estimates. What is it about ? What are Europe’s challenges in integrating migrants? For the care of migrants, Europe is responsible for taking […]


The Charter of the Movement The Movement for Remigration (MPLR) is a political organization dedicated exclusively to putting an end to migratory anarchy and reversing its flow. PRINCIPLES OF ACTION That is to say, the principle of the right person […]

Getting a Blog Started

We have now decided to start up a brand new blog right here at Naturally it’s not what you’d consider a revolutionary approach as quite a few web sites, including immigration/repatriation related ones possess a blog. But, though maybe […]