After a period of respite for Europe to welcome new refugees, the country is preparing to meet very important estimates. What is it about ? What are Europe’s challenges in integrating migrants?

For the care of migrants, Europe is responsible for taking up five major challenges.

The first challenge is to welcome refugees. Europeans will be obliged to act diligently to meet the vital and even fundamental needs of immigrants. Indeed, they will have to watch over their state of psychological health.

Secondly, the latter will have to overcome disagreements on the migratory issue within the member states of the European Union. Through her September message, Angela Merkel was accused of triggering migratory movements to Europe. Following the quarrels that persist within the EU Member States, some countries resist its policy while a small part has joined the new homes.

Third, the challenge lies in implementing security strategies. The European Commission is responsible for ensuring the security generated by the waves of migration. Indeed, migrants do not always move in the norms. This is why an application for refugee status is controlled by the EU which after validation of reliability, decides to send the migrants to the host countries.

The fourth challenge is the issue of integrating newcomers into countries of origin. So far, we can still see that integrating waves of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa is still a real challenge.

The fifth challenge will lie in Europe’s commitment to control its own borders. It could be that the migration does not seem to stop. Some people engage in this tortuous voice to escape the endemic war, poverty and misery in Africa.