Effective ways to consider the return of migrants to the country of origin

Immigration is no longer in the news, as it is not a new phenomenon. Whether Africans, Sahelians, Maghrebians or escorts, everyone wants to leave his country supposedly in search of better living conditions. Some, during their migratory journey, find death on the way and despite the difficulty, they stubbornly migrate to other continents. Are there effective ways to promote the return of migrants, and even escorts to their country of origin. If so, what are the strategies put in place to promote such a migratory approach?

The reasons for illegal immigration: why do they leave their country?

Formerly, young people, whether Chadians, Malians, Nigerians or Cameroonians migrated to countries of West Africa, East, South or simply in the CEMAC Zone. Because these countries know the problems of economic and political organization, immigrants feel the need to go further, that is to say in Europe or America.

The escorts were also part of the troupe of immigrants being thereby driven by the search for happiness, and this, whatever the difficulties. In fact, underdevelopment in African countries is increasing dangerously, giving way to hunger. This situation means that people need to go to the promised land. This place to eat will no longer be part of their first concern.

Aid for the return of migrants to their country of origin

There are two forms of assistance for the easy and safe return of migrants to their country: voluntary return assistance and humanitarian return assistance.

Voluntary return assistance

It may happen that even though one finds oneself in this earthly paradise, one experiences returning to one’s native land. This is why the voluntary return assistance was set up by the French State which proposes to help foreigners as an escort Paris for example who wish to return to their country. To take advantage of this assistance, it is enough to take care of the OFII (French Office of the Immigration of Integration) This program consists in taking care of the transport and in a sum of money paid by the OFII. in the majority of cases, the organization offers 2000 euros to an adult and 3500 euros to a married couple.

Aid for humanitarian return

The HRA or aid for humanitarian return is intended for people who feel the need to return to their native country, but who lack financial means. The OFII is the organization responsible for humanitarian return assistance. The program concerns foreigners who are or are not in a legal situation. The aid supports the transport of the rejected. In 2008, the sum paid by the OFII was 153 euros for each adult, including escorts.

In addition to helping migrants return to their country of origin, it is necessary for developed and developing countries to sign agreements to ensure the living conditions of migrants. The goal is to find at home all the employment and training opportunities in Europe. Escort Paris SexModel will be able to make new knowledge and get full pockets. Indeed, the escort Paris is a trendy girl for travel all over the world in search of better living conditions.